A Comprehensive Coverage of Hotel Collection Bedding

A Comprehensive Coverage of Hotel Collection BeddingStep into a luxury hotel suite, and one of the first things that will draw your attention will be the bed. We all know how comfortable and inviting these beds can be, but it really is the hotel collection bedding that makes all the difference. When displayed with soft pillows and contrasting shades, they really bring out the opulence in the piece of furniture. In fact, the soft, smooth and plush feel of the bed linen is what adds to the magnificence of it all.

Now, suppose you wanted to buy such a bedding collection for your home. How will you shop for it? If you don’t want to waste half an hour explaining to the salesperson what you think are the marquee elements of the bed cover, then simply ask for hotel collection bedding and the person will know exactly what you’re referring to. However, don’t be surprised if the store cannot entertain your requirements, since hotel grade bed linen and accessories are exclusive products and generally not sold everywhere.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon to see a number of online sites selling home décor items as if they were bedding products with the same qualities as hotel lines. Therefore, given the difficulty of finding such high quality bed sheets and the risk of getting conned by online sellers, it’s best that you understand a few basic attributes that set this exclusive line of products apart from the rest.

What Is Hotel Grade Bedding Anyways?

A Comprehensive Coverage of Hotel Collection BeddingA fairly new trend in the bedroom décor arena in general, hotel quality bedding has gained prominence in the last five or so years among home owners. A product that was previously associated only with luxury hotels, resorts and vacation homes has turned today into such a rage in the consumer market that some companies and even hotels have started marketing them.

Luxury bed linens, pillow covers and duvet covers in matching prints and designs are what hotels generally employ to cover the top of the bed and give it a rich appeal. So, strictly speaking, any bed linen that is specifically designed to enhance comfort, feel and overall look of the bed by a grand margin will fall within the purport of hotel class bedding.

Buyer Considerations for Hotel Collection Bedding

Given the exclusivity of hotel quality bedding, purchasing bed linen simply by looking at the label is neither prudent nor cost-effective. Apart from the type of fabric used in the linen, attributes like yarn size, thread count and ply combination will validate if the bed sheet is authentic “hotel collection bedding” or not.

Here is a look at the important factors that qualify a bed linen to be considered as a luxury item:

  • Thread Count – Any woven fabric is made up of horizontal and vertical threads running in a crisscross manner. So, the thread count (TC) defines the number of threads present in one square inch of the bed linen fabric. Typically, you should be looking at a higher thread counts when purchasing luxury bed covers. The rule of thumb is that if the thread count is 500 or more, then it should be of good quality.
  • Yarn Size and Ply – Yarn size refers to the density of the fabric on a square inch basis. So, the higher is the yarn size number, the finer the yarn in terms of its feel will be. Typically, hotel quality bedding features yarn sizes between 40 to 100. Similarly, the ply combination will refer to the weaving technique used in making the fabric. Generally 2-ply weaves are heavier and, therefore, much softer in terms of sheet texture
  • Fabric Type And Quality – Bed sheets can be made of different fabrics. Natural fabrics such as cotton are great in terms of their hypoallergenic attributes and cool feel, but it is quite tough to find 100% cotton sheets with thread counts higher than 200. Conversely, Egyptian cotton fibers are much longer, thus easier to be spun into really fine yarns. Other examples of natural fibers used for making luxury bed spreads include silk and linen. While the former provides excellent warmth (perfect for cold conditions), the latter is much stronger than cotton and offers better luster. Satin, yet another fiber used in high quality bed sheets, is best known for its slight sheen, soft touch and opulent feel

Knowing all this, we can say that a good example of hotel collection bedding will be a 2-ply, 600 TC sheet with a yarn size of 100. Its fabric should ideally read 100% satin, silk, linen or Egyptian cotton. Normally, companies selling luxury bedding will usually add pillow covers and duvet covers into the “mix and sell the whole ensemble as a “collection’.

Where Can I Buy Hotel Collection Bedding?

A Comprehensive Coverage of Hotel Collection BeddingMost luxury hotels today have online shops that sell exclusive merchandise to interested customers. Items for purchase include bed linens, pillow covers, duvets and duvet covers. Some hotels and resorts will have shops in the building where visitors can shop for bed and bathroom products. If you are interested in buying luxury bedding, then do visit the in-house shops of 5-star hotels and resorts.

Certain online retailers also sell high quality collection bedding, and this option is great for those who are looking to buy entire collections of bed and bed side accessories. Finally, you could check out department stores as a good number of them now store premium home décor products, bed linen included. However, do not expect to get any discounts on your purchases as such items fall within the exclusive category of consumer products and, therefore, are sold at full retail value.

Manufacturers that exclusively deal in hotel collection bedding include the likes of Frette, Anichini, Bellino Fine Linens, Pratesi and Peacock Alley. Products from such manufacturers can be purchased from fine line retailers. Some online retailers are also known to stock up on premium grade bed linen and bed accessories, and while they might not pop up so easily in search engine results, a little bit of patience and effort on your part should get you the desired results. Also, remember to ask for these labels when you visit a department store. You never know, they might just have it.

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